This Tweet Just Reminds Us Of The Joys Of Cool Coconut Water

It is rightly said, fathers make every wish come true. We recently came across a tweet that proved it yet again. A post on Twitter that is doing the rounds and making everyone go “awww”. But fair warning, this post is also going to give you some serious gastronomical cravings. RJ Ira, who goes by the Twitter handle @irationalised, tweeted what happened when she told her father that she wants some nariyal pani (tender coconut water). Her father’s response? A gigantic basket of not just fresh tender coconuts but bananas too.

No doubt about how adorable her father’s response was, but seeing the basket of fresh green coconuts, we are are craving for some too.

Check out the tweet:

This most garnered almost 4k likes and hundreds of beautiful comments. “Always gives more what u ask,” wrote one. Another comment read, “I’m a general conversation post lunch I just mentioned, Feel like having a scoop of coffee icecream & by dinner this is what I see. Fathers I tell you.”

A third Twitter user wrote,  “Yh..Dads r like tht only! Back when I was living in Hyd, one day I told my dad m out of namkeen (yes..m an Indori! ) . The next day I received a whole bag full of my fav namkeen.”

We understand exactly where the Twitter user’s tender coconut water craving is coming from. When you’re stuck indoors, sweating all day in the scorching Indian summers, there are very few things that can soothe your body the way tender coconut water does. Add to that the juicy and succulent coconut pulp and you know you’re in for a treat. How can anyone ever stop at just one coconut when its offerings are this bountiful? Don’t even get us started on the health benefits of tender coconut water. Click here to know for yourself.

What’s your favourite part of a tender coconut — the water or the pulp? Let us know in the comments.

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