TV Actor Vivek Dahiya’s Homemade South Indian Breakfast Spread Left Us Slurping

We don’t know about you, but among all the exquisite south Indian food items, their breakfast spread fascinates us the most. They are irresistibly delicious and also timeless, given how you can have them anytime anywhere. After all, who doesn’t like a delectable spread of dosa, sambar, idli, chutney, filter coffee in some part of their day? This isn’t even an exhaustive list of all that we love and yet a simple mention of their food is enough to make us crave it. But what is making us gush about south Indian food, you ask? Well, television actor Vivek Dahiya’s lunch, deliciously south Indian of course, has left us salivating.

In a video on his Instagram Stories, Vivek takes us through each dish in the yummy south Indian meal that he had for lunch. We see a gorgeous platter of masala dosa, some plain dosa cones on the side, a bowl of coconut-peanut chutney, another bowl of tomato chutney, a generous helping of potato sabzi for the masala dosa, a bowl of steaming hot sambar, and a plate of uttapams.

Isn’t that a mouthful? And guess what, going by Vivek’s caption, it’s all homemade. Very few things scream “comfort food” the way Vivek’s homemade South Indian spread does.

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Iconic south Indian breakfast items like dosa and sambar are often considered one of the healthiest, cleanest, and not to mention, the tastiest food you can have any time of the day. The best part? They are not even that difficult to make. This masala dosa recipe will only take you about 45 minutes. Add to that this sambar recipe and a recipe for some irresistible uttapam and your Vivek Dahiya style south Indian breakfast is sorted. Thank us later.

What’s your favourite item in a South Indian breakfast? Let us know in the comments below.

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